h. (prismtrick) wrote in qualityfanfic,

"I couldn't sleep, that all."

If you've ever seen the inspiring boys' school movie Dead Poets Society, then you must check out "Foolish Games" at once! The author warns at the beginning that this story is "unbeated," but the beautiful messages still manage to force their way through a tangled web of grammatical errors.

Sadly, it is a fairly short (and unfinished) read. Here is a gleaming gem extracted from amongst the slippery tense changes. Hopefully, it will entice you to delve further into the masterful work and lobby for a continuation of "Foolish Games."

"Pretend I'm Neil Todd. Tell me what you wanted to tell him and touch me the way you wanted to touch him." He pleads and I look into his eyes. That was a mistake though because as soon as I did I was lost.
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