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“Mad, this is mad! All that has been happening is mad!”

It's too bad that this community has lapsed into utter despair. In fact, it needs a jolt of action! It needs new life! It needs more quality fanfiction!

"Catching Love in an Hourglass" is the fic that will jumpstart this community back to the creeping snail's pace it once operated at. It's a delightful Horatio Hornblower AU by "MovieDreamer," set in a modern-day and somewhat unrecognizable New York City. Rife with every literary and cinematic cliché, it still manages to charm.

From "Chapter 3: Trust From the Heart":

"So, how does it feel wearing different clothes."

"I wouldn't mind the clothes, these 'sneakers' are more conformable. I mean it, I feel like a girl when I run with my other shoes. Look at me I'm Horatio Hornblower, see me run like a girl!"

Serendipity laughed and looked at Horatio. She knew she was seeing him with a new light.
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