Emily (psychicmongoose) wrote in qualityfanfic,

"Megans Mirror"

When I was a kid, I watched all the My Little Pony Cartoons I could find at the video store. While some aspects of the stories struck me as bizarre and a little sinister, I lacked the imagination of gatomon2004, who has dreamed up a vivid tale of Pony-Friend Megan's "other life."

Social Worker:  *quietly*  I know.  Which must make this all the harder for you,right? To lose another mom,one that you somewhat remember?  Tell me what you remember about your birth mother,if you can.

I....remember that she loved me as much as life itself.  Which seems pretty symbolic,as she was the one who gave me life to begin with,with some help from a man I never knew to be my father,and the man who made my momma and my daddy meet and create me.

Social Worker:  You mean God,don't you?


Read here.
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